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Pool and Gardens

arriving at Casa Ginjeira


When you first arrive you come to the courtyard, with a typically Portuguese pavement of marble mosaics. To the side is a high retaining wall of granite stones, broken by a waterfall that trickles into a basin. This is the rock that the mountain is made from, and everywhere the slopes have been formed into terraces to create the food-basket of the Algarve, where the fertile soil is watered by numerous streams.


From the courtyard, a curved flight of steps leads you up to the swimming pool. 



The 10x5metre swimming pool enjoys magnificent mountain views. Looking back, the garden continues upwards, with a pergola hung with grapevines on the terrace above, and further terraces leading to the very top of the garden, where there is a writing shed with a wooden balcony. 


There are plenty of places to sunbathe between dips, and the pool shares its broad terrace with four olive trees, which also provide the shade for another place to eat. There is a large built-in barbecue with a sink and running water.

poolside BBQ

At the other end of the pool is the Pool Cottage with its kitchen, so you can easily prepare the food close by. 


The salt-water pool has an automatic safety cover, is heated by an air-source heat pump.

Above the pool is a decked area surrounded by flowerbeds providing another place to relax on sun-loungers under grapevines clambering over a rustic pergola.


Exploring further upwards, you come to the coolest spot in the garden, a grove of acacias between which a hammock invites you to rest.

shady hammock

Finally, at the very top of the garden, you come to the writing shed, which has a balcony where the views are at their most expansive.

the topmost viewpoint

But that is not the end of the story, the garden also extends down below the house. When you descend from the veranda you enter a beautiful secret garden of mature plants and exotic flowers.

stepping into the garden

The jacaranda trees form an area dappled shade, with a semicircular fishpond.

loungers under the jacarnadas.JPG
beautiful irrigation

The flower garden extends with a rill, bringing water from the nearby stream. 

IMG_1635 copy.jpg

Dropping down through a waterfall the water reaches our wildlife pond

Pedro's path
wildlife pond
orange grove 6.jpg

The ultimate destiny for the water is the orange grove, which returns the favour with a crop of sweet and juicy fruit.

That still isn't all, as the garden also extends to the side of the house, where the olive grove is underplanted with varieties of lavender to create a sunny and fragrant garden.

olive grove
olive grove

There is a lot more garden for you to discover for yourself...

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